The mouth is a complex system involving many different pieces that work toward a collective goal. The teeth chew the food, but they need the help of the jaw to do so. Your teeth can’t function properly if your gums aren’t healthy and able to support them. You also need your teeth and jaw to work together to communicate, along with your tongue.

When you stop to consider how much you use your mouth, your teeth, your jaw, each and every day, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that those areas need professional, medical attention from time to time. For instance, it’s not uncommon for patients to experience pain or discomfort in the jaw, specifically in the joints of the jaw.

Corte Madera Dentist – Madera Dental Julie Young, DDS is readily equipped to work with patients experiencing issues with their jaws, including providing effective TMJ therapy in Corte Madera, CA.

What Is TMJ/TMD?

TMJ stands for the temporomandibular joint. This is the joint found in the jawbone that allows the jaw to hinge and move like it does. When this area of the jaw becomes irritated—most commonly from overuse—patients can experience pain and debilitating symptoms.

TMJ refers to the joint specifically, while the term TMD stands for temporomandibular joint dysfunction. The two terms are interchanged frequently and have come to mean the same thing.

Symptoms of TMJ/TMD

It’s fairly common to be diagnosed with TMD/TMJ. You may be dealing with this type of dysfunction if you experience any of the following symptoms:

  • Jaw pain.
  • Difficulty chewing.
  • Ringing in the ears.
  • Locking and clicking of the jaw joint.
  • Pain in face, mouth, or ear.
  • Toothaches.
  • Cracking of joints.
  • Tenderness of joints.
  • Muscle spasms.

We can assess your symptoms and help you find treatment options.

Treatment for TMJ/TMD with Corte Madera Dentist – Madera Dental Julie Young, DDS

At Corte Madera Dentist – Madera Dental Julie Young, DDS, we can diagnose patients who come in concerned that they may be dealing with TMJ/TMD. If it is discovered that you are dealing with temporomandibular joint dysfunction, we will recommend treatment. We offer different types of mouthguards designed to protect the mouth and teeth from injury while relaxing the jaw.

Call our dental office today with any questions or inquires about TMJ/TMD treatments or to set up an appointment.